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Grasshopper Dragon Partial

Grasshopper Dragon Partial


Complete Partial including the head (mask), gloves, slippers, and tail.


Head fits 22" loose to 25" snug and features a removable magnetic tongue.  The interior of this head is fully lined with a preformance, moisture wicking lycra type fabric.  All seams are fully sewn with no glues edges or exposed base layer.  Eyes are hand painted with care using acrylics, and sealed for moisture resistance.


Gloves are mitten style, and sport two fingers with vinyl claws, and one dew claw at the wrist.  Dexterity with these paw gloves are low, and prioritize aestetics.

Measurments: "" -One size fits most


Slippers are plush with a polyester lining and Marine vinyl sole.  They feature an EVA foam layer for comfort and support under the foot.

Measurments: "" -One size fits most


Tail features a plush design with double 2" elastic belt loops.



-1 Leaf plush prop/Flower plush Prop/Web plush prop

-1 double sided acrylic badge with blank space to name your new character

-1 lanyard

-1 grayREALM Studio charm

-Neckercheif Bandana

-2 pieces of completed limited edition artwork of this character

-1 small brush

  • Disclaimer and Policy

    This costume piece is hand made with love and care.  While I strive to always produce the highest quality prodicts that I can, there will be some imperfections that add to the uniqueness of the item.  This may include slight and unintentional asymetry, small areas where the backing of fabric may show through fur (usually due to fur being of a thinner texture), tiny glue spots or gaps in seams, etc.  I will attempt to show these imperfections in product photos to the best of my ability, but if you have additional questions or concerns about an item that you are interested in purchasing, please feel welcome to reach out at

    Sales are final, and no refunds can be provided in the instance that the customer discoves additional and insignificant inperfections.

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