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Commission Policies


What to Expect Concerning Drawings, and Paintings


 I ask a 50% deposit before work will begin on your commission.  The customer is free to cancel the commission at any time, but will not receive the piece, or the 50% deposit, as it is non-refundable, unless otherwise arranged.  Failure to pay in full within the allotted amount of time will constitute cancellation.  After completion of the piece, the customer will be sent a watermarked version of the piece for review before final payment.  The customer will then be given the high-res, and un-watermarked version(digital scan file or full sized file) after the final payment has been received.  The customer must notify me in advance of commissioning a traditional media piece if it is to be shipped upon completion, so that shipping and handling fees can be factored into the quote.  If advanced notice is not given, but the customer wishes to purchase the original piece, this can usually be done at the additional cost of shipping and handling fees, though exceptions may sometimes apply, and I am occasionally not able to fulfill this request.  After I have been paid in full, the customer will have ownership of the piece, and may use it for personal purposes.  The customer may not copy the piece with the intent to sell (e.g. prints and/or downloads.  Otherwise defined as 'commercial use') unless otherwise arranged.  I may use the piece at my discretion, unless otherwise arranged.  If the customer wishes to use the piece for commercial purposes (e.g. prints and/or downloads, etc.) commercial use of the piece can be purchased at additional cost (usually 3-5x the standard rate).  Full copyright can also be purchased at similar rates.  Copyright and/or commercial use of the commissioned piece can be purchased at the time the order is placed, or at a later date, however, the piece may not be used in ways that would constitute commercial use until the aforementioned rights have been purchased.  If commercial/copyrights are purchased at a time after the initial order is placed, and a quote has not already been calculated for the additional fee, the quote your receive will not likely exceed 5x the value of your order (however the amount of the quote will be ultimately up to my sole discretion).

Unless purchased by the client, it should be noted that sole ownership to the copyright of the piece is retained by grayREALM Studio (referring to the original artwork created by my hand, at the request of, and with permission from the client, and not to any character designs or intellectual property belonging to the client therein).

Any additional, or conflicting agreements made through other documented communication will take precedence over the above.  Your deposit is considered agreement to these terms, and is legally binding.​

Commissions $25.00 and under must be paid in full upfront.


What to Expect Concerning Mascot (AKA 'Fursuit') Commissions



-Mascot commissions $100 and under must be paid in full, upfront-

           I ask a 20% deposit before work will begin on your commission (50% required for commissions $800 and under). You, the Customer, is free to cancel the commission at any time, but will not receive the piece, or the amount of the deposit, as it is non-refundable upon customer cancellation, unless otherwise arranged.  Failure to pay in full within the allotted amount of time will constitute customer cancellation.  For full and half suits, a Duct Tape Dummy (or 'DTD') will be required, and the Customer acknowledges that a DTD must be provided upon request in order for me to complete the order.  Failure to provide a usable DTD upon request will constitute customer cancellation.  For other costume orders, a variety of measurements may be required, and the customer acknowledges that said measurements must be provided upon request, and must be accurate, in order for me to complete the order.  Failure to provide measurements upon request will constitute customer cancellation. The Customer will receive regular updates to verify that the piece is progressing as desired. After completion of the piece, the Customer will receive a photo of the piece for review before final payment.  The piece will be shipped to the Customer once I have received the final payment.  Failure to pay in full within 6 months of the completion of the order will constitute customer cancellation.  After I have been paid in full, the Customer will have sole ownership of the piece, and may use it for personal purposes.  The Customer will assume all responsibility for providing an accurate and current shipping address, as well as the immediate retrieval of the package containing the completed piece upon arrival at its destination.  grayREALM Studio cannot be help responsible for theft, damage or loss of value after the piece has been delivered by the shipping carrier.

Free shipping services provided by grayREALM Studio does not include insurance beyond that of what is provided by the selected shipping carrier, and any additional insurance or services (such as signature confirmation), if desired by the Customer, must be purchased separately.

The Customer may not copy the pattern of the piece (referring to the suit structure, not your character’s design) unless otherwise arranged.  I may use the piece for portfolio purposes only, unless otherwise arranged.

No refunds upon customer cancellation can be provided unless otherwise arranged.

Any additional, or conflicting agreements made through other documented communication will take precedence over the above.  Your deposit is considered agreement to these terms, and is legally binding.

Refurbishments Contract


     Full upfront payment is required for suit alterations and refurbishments.  The customer acknowledges that an altered/refurbished product may not reflect exactly the original vision, as alterations are not an exact science, and sometimes compromises have to be made.  Not all suits are eligible for alterations/refurbishments, and may be deemed ineligible upon arrival to the studio, due to undisclosed deterioration or miscommunication.  Should this occur, the customer will be offered a refund, and the suit will be returned. THE CUSTOMER MUST NOTIFY ME IN ADVANCE OF PAYMENT OF ANY MATERIAL DETERIORATION IN ORDER TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR A RETURN SHIPPING REFUND, SHOULD SELLER CANCELLATION OCCUR.  What constitutes as material deterioration: Foam degradation, fur balding, rotting, black mold, exposure to smoke, excessive sunlight or extreme temperatures.  Customer cancellations are not eligible for refunds, however I will do my best to accommodate certain circumstances.

Any additional, or conflicting agreements made through other documented communication will take precedence over the above.  Your payment is considered agreement to these terms, and is legally binding.



  • PayPal

  • Cash (only available for in-person events)   

  • How do I get a Quote?
    Just send me a message containing the following: 1. A visual or detailed written description of the character you would like a quote for. 2. Specifications on what pieces you would like included in your quote (e.g. "a full digi suit, or "just a head and tail"). 3. Any other details you'd like included in the suit that are not shown on the refence, such as room for glasses, if you already have specific furs picked out (provide links), if you have a preference for the facial expression, etc. 4. Any other notes, requests or questions. Once I have received your message, I'll calculate your quote and get back to you. You can contact me via my email,, also linked under the 'About' tab.
  • How do I commission a fursuit or costume?
    The commissioning process usually goes something like this: 1. Contact me, and get a quote (you can get in touch via my email, 2. When commissions are open, notify me that you'd like to claim a slot. (Make sure that you have enough money to place a minimum deposit. The amount of the deposit can be discussed at the time you receive your quote.) 3. Wait to see if your order is selected. I do not work on a first come first serve basis, but instead select projects that are the best match for the studio. I will only notify you if you are selected. I usually receive a large volume of order requests, and can only choose a fraction of them to work on. If your order is not selected, please feel welcome to just apply again the next time my commissions are open. 4. Pay your deposit. If your order is selected, I will send you an invoice for the agreed upon amount via PayPal, and your slot will be secured once it is paid.
  • How do I care for my fursuit?
    Check out my Fursuit Care Guide for my recommendations on the best way to maintain your fursuit from grayREALM Studio.
  • Will you work with minors?
    Yes. I will work with minors through a parent or legal guardian. All correspondence must be through the parent/guardian's email that is attached to a varified PayPal account. A parent/guardian's signature may also be required.
  • Do you ship internationally?
    Yes; However extra shipping rates will apply. If there is something in my shop that you would like to purchase, but you are outside of the US, please contact me to calculate a shipping cost.
  • When will your commissions be open again?
    I open slots as I finish orders. Available slots will be announced on my Twitter, and will also appear on my 'Commission policies and Slots' page.
  • How long does a fursuit commission take?
    Fursuit commissions may take up to 6 months from the starting date to complete. Deadlines are negotiable, and rushed order commissions are also sometimes available at extra charge.
  • Why haven't you answered my messages?
    I receive dozens of new emails and messages on a regular basis, and it takes me time to go through all of them. It's very possible that I just haven't gotten to yours yet, so please just hang in there! If you've been waiting for more than a week, it's possible that your message was either lost or discarded. Before re-sending your message, please do review it, and make sure that it is appropriate and legible. I will discard a message if it is illegible, unintelligible, contains vulgar/explicit language or images, or is highly unprofessional in some way. Current clients should expect to hear back from me in under 72 hours. Please expect slight delays over the weekends, as I sometimes take Sunday off.
  • Can I provide the materials for my order?
    As a general rule, no. You are welcome to request certain materials be used for your order, and small supplies like a tuft of NFT fur are usually acceptable. However large amounts of fur, bases, and patterns will not be accepted.
  • If I give you the pattern for my suit, will you sew it together?
    No. If you want to design the shape and structure of your suit on your own, and just have me put the pieces together, I would recommend you search elsewhere. I am experienced and skilled with translating your 2 dimensional character designs into a 3 dimensional suit structure. Please trust me to do this for you. I have had multiple customers make this request, sometimes even after they have placed their orders. I only work with my own sewing patterns, and don't have the time or desire to work with someone else's. I am an artist and designer, not a sewing machine.
  • Can I get a refund on my deposit?
    Generally no. The only possibility for a full refund is if I, Gray, cancel your commission, or if I, for some reason, am not able to uphold my end of the contract to complete your order. Upon customer cancellation, most or all of the deposit cannot be refunded, as it is primarily allocated to time consulting with you about your order, and not necessarily used for material costs (which is why the deposit is not refundable, even if materials have not yet been purchased).
  • Can I commission digital art?
    Yes. I specialize in traditional media, but I do offer digital work upon request.
  • Do you take NSFW commissions?
    No, I do not offer NSFW content in art or features in suits. Please keep requests PG13 and under. Some amount of horror/gore {bones, blood, scars, etc.} is acceptable, however, content requests of a sexually explicit nature will be denied. Thank you!
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