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Commission Availability: CHECK SLOTS



What I will do: Custom art, landscape, nature, animals(real, fictional, or of your own design),  humans, anthro, chibi, and more (just ask).


What I won’t do: robotic, electronic, copyrighted material, sexually explicit/fetish oriented, or content that would be considered ‘not safe for work’.  (However, some amount of blood/gore is acceptable).


If you have a specific character you would like rendered, I will require a reference to work with.  All special details and traits must be clearly depicted.  If the character does not have a symmetrical design, multiple angles should be shown in the reference.  I will accept a list reference (no image) if it is sufficiently detailed, but please acknowledge the final product will be my interpretation, and will likely not be an exact reflection of your written reference or mental image.




(Prices may vary, depending on complexity of the desired design.  Feel free to ask for a quote.)

Sketch: $10+

Line art: $20+

Full color portrait (bust): $50+

Full color full body portrait:$100+


Logo/ID/Avatar: $50+

(see contract for commercial use and copyright information)

Landscape/Add background: $50+


Character reference(digital):

Single view: $50+

Dual view: $75+

Add view: $40+

Custom backdrop: $30+

Add cell shading: $25 per view (reference sheets come standard with no shading)

Add props: (ask for a quote)   

Other: Ask for a quote!


If you would like something that does not fit into any of these categories, contact me, and I’ll try my best to accommodate you.


What to Expect Concerning Art Commissions


 I ask a 50% deposit before work will begin on your commission.  The customer is free to cancel the commission at any time, but will not receive the piece, or the 50% deposit, as it is non-refundable, unless otherwise arranged.  Failure to pay in full within the allotted amount of time will constitute cancellation.  After completion of the piece, the customer will be sent a watermarked version of the piece for review before final payment.  The customer will then be given the high-res, and un-watermarked version(digital scan file or full sized file) after the final payment has been received.  The customer must notify me in advance of commissioning a traditional media piece if it is to be shipped upon completion, so that shipping and handling fees can be factored into the quote.  If advanced notice is not given, but the customer wishes to purchase the original piece, this can usually be done at the additional cost of shipping and handling fees, though exceptions may sometimes apply, and I am occasionally not able to fulfill this request.  After I have been paid in full, the customer will have ownership of the piece, and may use it for personal purposes.  The customer may not copy the piece with the intent to sell (e.g. prints and/or downloads.  Otherwise defined as 'commercial use') unless otherwise arranged.  I may use the piece at my discretion, unless otherwise arranged.  If the customer wishes to use the piece for commercial purposes (e.g. prints and/or downloads, etc.) commercial use of the piece can be purchased at additional cost (usually 3-5x the standard rate).  Full copyright can also be purchased at similar rates.  Copyright and/or commercial use of the commissioned piece can be purchased at the time the order is placed, or at a later date, however, the piece may not be used in ways that would constitute commercial use until the aforementioned rights have been purchased.  If commercial/copyrights are purchased at a time after the initial order is placed, and a quote has not already been calculated for the additional fee, the quote your receive will not likely exceed 5x the value of your order (however the amount of the quote will be ultimately up to my sole discretion).

Unless purchased by the client, it should be noted that sole ownership to the copyright of the piece is retained by grayREALM Studio (referring to the original artwork created by my hand, at the request of, and with permission from the client, and not to any character designs or intellectual property belonging to the client therein).

Any additional, or conflicting agreements made through other documented communication will take precedence over the above.  Your deposit is considered agreement to these terms, and is legally binding.

Commissions $25.00 and under must be paid in full upfront.





  • PayPal

  • Cash (only available for in-person events)

  • Credit/Debit card (only available for in-person events)



If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to ask (I promise I won’t bite).

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