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Hello, my name is Gray. 


I’m the owner of grayREALM Studio, a sole proprietor business, specializing in custom art, design, costumes, and more.  I take great pride in my work, and strive to produce an excellent quality product. Whether it be a simple sketch drawing, to a full body mascot costume, I believe that a high quality product speaks for itself in the marketplace.


I am primarily a traditional artist with a preference for watercolor, charcoal, acrylics, and simple pencil to paper work; however, I’m no stranger to digital media as well.  My preferred topics to work on are subjects of myth and fantasy, character art, and nature.

I specifically find the cold, muted colors of winter, and rainy seasons and locations to be most appealing, though I also enjoy adding splashes of color to my pieces quite often.


When it comes to costumes, I am most well known for my partial, and full body mascots (also known as fursuits), and their primarily cutsey, and cartoonish style.

Though I of course welcome all species, my favorite fursuit designs to work with are unique, one of a kind creatures, lesser known species, and hybrids.

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