Costume/Fursuit Commissions: CLOSED

Art Commissions: OPEN

Quotes are: OPEN


Please note that quotes are subject to change at any time until a deposit has been made.  (Quotes will not be changed without first notifying the customer).

Curious about prices?  Check out my Art Commissions guide, and my Fursuit Commissions guide.

Or contact me here.


Art Slots 

  1. Open(%)-

  2. Open(%)-

  3. Open(%) -

  4. Open(%) -

  5. Closed(%) - ​

Queue (Art)

  1. Pending- ESD.()

  2. Pending- ESD.()

  3. Closed- ESD.()

  4. Closed- ESD.()

Fursuit/Costume Slots  

  1. Taken(25%)-Nightwolf

  2. Taken(95%)-Czar

  3. Reserved(%)-

  4. Taken(98%)-Faolan

  5. Taken(15%)-Crash

Queue (Costume)

  1. Toby- ESD.(10/20)

  2. OPENING SOON- ESD.(7/20) 

  3. Kai- ESD.(8/20)

  4. Emerald-ESD.(8/20)

  5. OPENING SOON-ESD.(10/20)

Completed/Ready to Ship​/Shipped

  1. -Eagle handpaws

  2. -

  3. -

  4. -

Small parts commissions:






(Q)How does the Queue work?

(A)The Queue is a way for you to reserve a slot when all of the active slots are filled or unavailable.  You can reserve a slot by placing a deposit, and you will move up the Queue as slots open.  Work will begin on your commission after you have been moved to an active slot.  I will give you a wait time estimate before you place your deposit.

(ESD=Estimated Start Date)

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