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What is Haven?


Haven is the home of a charming race of creatures known as the REM.  It is a massive tree, who’s branches stretch out for miles in all directions, with villages, towns, and cities constructed on its limbs.  The Tree flows with magical energy, and protects its residents for the hostile, parasitic landscapes and creatures below. The Tree is an ancient, noble entity, with most REM unsure of its actual origin.  Many REM believe that the tree is sentient in some way.

What is a REM?

A REM is a soft, fluffy creature with a curious appearance.  Just like human people, they come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors, and have an even wider range of personalities.  They have a feral appearance, with thick, soft fur covering their entire bodies, as well as having the ability to bound around on all fours (though they prefer to walk bipedally).  With a rich, diverse culture, the REM are a very industrious race, and can be expected to be relatively, civil, peaceful, and are not likely to attack without provocation.


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​​​Aren't sure about a design rule?  Don't hesitate to ask! 

Currently a semi-open species, as there may be some restrictions on certain features later on.  Anyone is welcome to make their own custom art of the REM!

​​​​​REM Intelligence

Though not humanoid, REMs are highly intelligent.  They have the ability to design and use technology, communicate with other species outside of their own, build complex structures, and so on.  They are highly sentient and complex. REMs do not have a standardized education system for the youth, and it is considered each individual's responsibility to be knowledgeable and well rounded.  With this being the case, there are many private libraries and places of study, often provided by older REM.


REM Behavior

Usually friendly, and eager to interact with others.  REMs enjoy mimicking sounds, melodies, and speech intonations with their soft whistling voices. They tend to be protective and doting over favored individuals.  

REM seem to have an intuitive knowledge of how to navigate to realities outside of Haven.  They are usually excited to share this knowledge, even though they typically aren’t very good at articulating the concept.​

Though not as social as humans tend to be, they recognize the benefits of a community and use this to their advantage. They have a functioning economy, and an expansive culture, including fashion, arts, food, entertainment, etc.


Differences between the sexes

Male and female REMs are similar in appearance, but not identical.  Though not always a rule, females are typically smaller in stature, with a slightly shorter and broader snout than males.   Females will usually have larger cheeks due to the area being more dense in muscle mass, causing females to have a more powerful bite.  Males will usually have a slimmer waist, and are more likely to have thicker fur running down the back of the shoulder and spine. Males also tend to have broader chests and shoulders, with a more rigid posture.


The Birds and the Bees

Though there are male and female REM, they do not reproduce sexually.  REMs mix male and female DNA by tearing off a piece of two individuals PomPoms and placing them together to create what is called a Sprig.  A Sprig consists of three parts: A piece of female pompom, a piece of male pompom, and a container known as a catalyst. The catalyst is meant to hold the Sprig together as it forms into a stable unit.  REMs often use seed pods from the Haven tree as a catalyst, however any sturdy and non toxic material can be used, so long as it can conduct an appropriate amount of heat to the growing REM inside.  Metal boxes are a popular alternative to seed pods. While the developing REM is within the catalyst, the entire unit is considered by the REM to be a living entity. This is because while the PomPoms inside are stabilizing, they bond themselves to the the inner layer of the catalyst, effectively creating a living shell.

Once the Sprig is stable, and can hold its own shape, it pulls itself away from the catalyst, and is removed.  It is removed by cracking or tearing the catalyst open with a powerful and precise bite from the mother.

A fully formed Sprig is completely helpless, and is kept under the watchful care of both parents.  The Sprig is not considered a REMling until its back legs have fully grown and it is able to take its first steps.


REMs are very industrious, and like to make themselves useful, usually learning and specializing in a specific profession or lifestyle.  There are a variety of different skills that a REM could learn, and here are a few of them:

MareSmith: Creates what is needed to maintain the tree, as well as many other commissioned things.  Creates the tools needed to capture, and hold captive MareBeasts, such Dires and Ominous.

Way Keep: Guards the Haven Tree and the dimensional ley lines that lead in and out of Haven.  General protectors of Haven, along with the other residents. These are the closest thing REM have to a police force, though there is not an organized authority that coordinates this.

Tender: A doctor.  Treats wounds and ailments.  Good Tenders are well taken care of in their communities, as it’s beneficial to have a Tender nearby, should a REM ever need one.  Tenders are paid even when no care is provided, in order to keep them close and friendly.


Collector: Gathers materials from Haven and other dimensions to sell or give to MareSmiths.  There are subsections of collector, such as miner, reaper, weaver, etc.


Dabble: A REM that does not master a profession, and tends to leave Haven often, but not permanently.

Other Professions:  There are a plethora of occupations that overlap with professions which are recognizable to humans, and other sapient species, such as:

  • Professor

  • Chef

  • Street vendor

  • Clock maker

  • Banker

And many more.  If it's a job that exists in a city you know of, there's a decent chance there is an equivalent profession somewhere in Haven.  

This page is still under construction, so you can look forward to even more REM stuff in the future!

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