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Traditional Art
Costumes & Design
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Commission Availability: CHECK SLOTS



What I will do: Heads, full plantigrade, full digitigrade, digitigrade half-suit, full partial, partial, tails, paws, sleeves, and more.  


What I won’t do: robotic, electronic, copyrighted material (without proper licence), sexually explicit/fetish oriented, or content that would be considered ‘not safe for work’.  (However, some amount of horror/gore {bones, blood, scars, etc} is acceptable).


If you wish to commission a suit, I will require your measurements, a duct tape dummy(usually), and a reference to work with.  All special details and traits must be clearly depicted.  If the character does not have a symmetrical design, multiple angles should be shown in the reference.  Please advise me of any special features that may be required, such as extra room for glasses, prosthetics, medical devices, or plus sized measurements, so that I can account for them in my quote.



(Prices vary depending on complexity of the desired design, and may exceed the listed price range.  Please ask for a quote.)

Shipping is now FREE within the continental USA!



Full Plantigrade: $2000-$2700

Includes: bodysuit, head, tail, feet paws, and hand paws.

Full Digitigrade: $2100-$3600

Includes: bodysuit, head, tail, feet paws, hand paws, and padding.


Half Digitigrade: $1500-$2500

Includes: Digi-legs, head, tail, feet paws, hand paws, arm sleeves, and padding.


Full Partial: $700-$1500

Includes: head, tail, arm sleeves, hand paws, and feet paws.


Partial: $750-$1200

Includes: head, tail, hand paws, and feet paws.


Head: $500-$800

Foam base head with static or semi articulated jaw, 3D eyes, teeth, and tongue.

Fursuit Refurbish: General care starts at $75 for for head, and $100 for body and other pieces.

General care includes a once over wash, stain removal(where possible), and seam mending.

New lining: $100

Eye replacement: $75

New teeth(fleece or resin): $25-$50 (lower jaw)

New nose(fleece, resin or silicon): Please ask for a quote

Size adjustment: Please ask for a quote

Re-skinning (new fur): Please ask for a quote

Not all suits are eligible for refurbishment. Airbrushing currently unavailable. 



Any fursuit pieces can be purchased individually


Digitigrade bodysuit: $1550-$2350

Plantigrade bodysuit: $1300-$1600

Digitigrade legs: $850-$1200

Tail: $50-$425

Hand paws: $75-$145

Feet paws: $125-$195

Stompy paws: $195-$225

Arm sleeves: $65-$95

Padding : $50-$70


If you would like something that does not fit into any of these categories, contact me, and I’ll try my best to accommodate you.


What to Expect Concerning Fursuit Commissions



-fursuit commissions $100 and under must be paid in full, upfront-

           I ask a 50% deposit before work will begin on your commission.  Lower deposit rates negotiable for commissions exceeding $800. You, the Customer, is free to cancel the commission at any time, but will not receive the piece, or the amount of the deposit, as it is non-refundable, unless otherwise arranged.  Failure to pay in full within the allotted amount of time will constitute cancellation. The Customer will receive regular updates to verify that the piece is progressing as desired. After completion of the piece, the Customer will receive a photo of the piece for review before final payment.  The piece will be shipped to the Customer once I have received the final payment. After I have been paid in full, the Customer will have sole ownership of the piece, and may use it for personal purposes. The Customer may not copy the pattern of the piece (referring to the suit structure, not your character’s design) unless otherwise arranged.  I may use the piece for portfolio purposes only, unless otherwise arranged.

Any additional, or conflicting agreements made through other documented communication will take precedence over the above.  Your deposit is considered agreement to these terms, and is legally binding.

Refurbishments Contract


          Full upfront payment is required for suit alterations and refurbishments.  The customer acknowledges that an altered/refurbished product may not reflect exactly the original vision, as alterations are not an exact science, and sometimes compromises have to be made.  Not all suits are eligible for alterations/refurbishments, and may be deemed ineligible upon arrival to the studio, due to undisclosed deterioration. Should this occur, the customer will be offered a refund, and the suit will be returned. THE CUSTOMER MUST NOTIFY ME IN ADVANCE OF PAYMENT OF ANY MATERIAL DETERIORATION IN ORDER TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR A RETURN SHIPPING REFUND, SHOULD SELLER CANCELLATION OCCUR.  What constitutes as material deterioration: Foam degradation, fur balding, rotting, black mold, exposure to smoke, excessive sunlight or extreme temperatures.  Customer cancellations are not eligible for refunds, however I will do my best to accommodate certain circumstances.

Any additional, or conflicting agreements made through other documented communication will take precedence over the above.  Your payment is considered agreement to these terms, and is legally binding.




  • PayPal

  • Cash (only available for in-person events)

(Payment plans available for commissions $800 and up.)       





If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to ask (I promise I won’t bite).